Wolff Michael Kaifer (1695-1768) and Anna Maria Blankenbaker (1687-1762)


Wolff Michael Kaifer was born in the Ansbach region, Mittelfranken, Germany, and died in Madison County, Virginia.  Anna Maria Blankenbaker was born in Neuenbürg, Germany, and died in Virginia.  They married in Virginia in 1721.


Wolff's parents: unknown

Anna's parents: Hans Thomas Blankenbuhler (1652-1691) and Anna Barbara Schon (1664-1743)


Children of Wolff and Anna:


Anna previously married John Thomas in 1711 in Neuenbürg, where they had a few children.  Both Anna and Wolff came to Virginia in 1717 as part of the Second Germanna Colony.  It is unknown whether John Thomas came to Virginia or died in Germany before 1717.


Wolff and Anna lived near present day Madison, Virginia.  The Hebron Lutheran Church is on Blankenbaker Road in Madison.  Wolff's will was recorded on December 28, 1768, at the Culpeper Courthouse, Virginia.