Harry John Good (1905-1982) and Sabina Thelma Papierkiewicz (1908-2002)


Harry John Good was born in Manistee, Michigan, and died in Detroit, Michigan.  Sabina Thelma Papierkiewicz was born in Żabowo, near Sierpc, Poland, and died in Bloomingdale, Illinois.  They married in Detroit in 1929.

Harry's parents: Peter Gutowski (1877-1940) and Mary Kendzierski (1880-1962)

Sabina's parents: Jan Papierkiewicz (1880-1917) and Anastazia Beatrice Siwinska (1891-1977)


Only child of Harry and Sabina:

  • Patricia Ann Good (1932-) married Frank Burns Rice, Jr. (1934-)


US Census records:

  • 1910, 958 Palmer St., Detroit, Michigan; Harry is listed in the household of his parents.
  • 1920, 96 Holborn Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Harry is listed in the household of his mother; his occupation is clerk.
  • 1920, 77 Chittenden St., Duryea, Pennsylvania; Sabina is listed in the household of her mother and stepfather.
  • 1930, 5527 Chopin Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Harry and Sabina are listed; Harry's occupation is timekeeper at an auto factory.
  • 1940, 8369 Almont Ave., Detroit, Michigan; Harry, Sabina, and Patricia are listed; Harry's occupation is timekeeper, auto manufacturing.


Harry was baptized at St. Joseph's Church in Manistee and attended grade school at St. Hyacinth in Detroit.  His given name was Hieronymus but he always went by and preferred Harry.


Sabina was baptized at the St. Martin church in Zawidz, Poland.  At age 4, she traveled with her mother to America.

Harry John Good, circa 1913, 1925, 1935, and 1963
Sabina Thelma Papierkiewicz, circa 1913, 1930, 1945, and 1963
Harry and Sabina wedding photo, 1929

In 1940, the family moved to 9419 Manistique in Detroit, where they lived for many years. Also in 1940, the family's last name was legally changed from Gutowski to Good.


Harry worked for Chrysler from 1925 to 1965.  He joined the company at its inception in 1925.


Harry and Sabina are buried in the Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery, 25800 W. Ten Mile (at Beech Rd.), Southfield, Michigan.