John Gar (1657-1738) and Elizabeth Barbara Schuebel (1663-?)


John Gar lived in Bavaria, Germany.  He was born in Franconia, lived and died in Frankenhofen, and was buried in Illenschwang.  He married Elizabeth Barbara Schuebel in Aufkirchen in 1682.


Children of John and Elizabeth:

John was a weaver and a devout Lutheran.  He was a lineal descendant of the Gars who were honored with a crest by the great Emperor Charles V in 1519.  John's obituary reads "The 22nd May, 1738, afternoon, between three and four o’clock, died tranquilly, and was buried the 24th, John Gar the older, Grand Ducal Wurtemburgisch subject and weaver, eighty years old, less six months and five days – a man who meant sincerely with God and his neighbors, and whose memory is properly blessed, because nothing but good and praiseworthy can be said of him."