Danica Patrick

by Stephen V. Rice


Danica Patrick is a famous and accomplished race car driver. She is also the spokesperson for the GoDaddy web site. Quite unexpectedly, our paths have crossed.


One day while perusing items on ebay, I clicked on a small advertisement. I clicked on it because I couldn’t tell what it was and I was trying to enlarge the picture so that I could see it better. The ad was for a diecast replica of a race car that was driven by Danica and sponsored by GoDaddy.


I was not interested in the item and dismissed it, but because I had clicked on it, the algorithm that decides what ads to show me determined that I am a Danica Patrick fan interested in purchasing items relating to her. As a result, she appeared in many more ads displayed by ebay, even as I shopped for unrelated things.


There were ads for other diecast race cars, her line of apparel, and many, many autographed photos. When I didn’t click on any of those, she raised the stakes, offering signed photos of herself wearing a bikini, first a seductive black bikini and then a fiery red bikini. The ads continued relentlessly. Danica Patrick was stalking me.


My wife and I went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, a steakhouse with big-screen TVs showing sporting events. As I looked up from the menu, there was Danica Patrick, larger than life, on one of the screens, and she was looking right at me. There was no escaping her.